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SANDS started off as the examination of the aging artist but then turned into a bigger statement of not only where they had been but where they are today; more mature and nuanced than the earlier work, but holding on to the heavy and cinematic textures that Atoms Family was best known for. The project grew organically, it became its own distinct voice. When looking for a name, the idea of taking Atoms Family was floated around but we decided that too much has happened to take on that mantle again, and quite honestly that was a moment that didn’t need to be revisited. So in order to pay tribute to that proud past, while starting off on something new the trio dubbed themselves ATOMS, stupid fucking name but still some British asshole once said a rose by any other name right? 

So fuck it. We are Atoms and we hope you enjoy our new album SANDS.

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Within 24 hours of making your preorder for SANDS you will receive an email with a link to download the bonus album DEMO'D.

DEMO'D is a collection of demos, lost tracks, songs from upcoming projects, etc. A little bit to look forward to, and a little bit to look back at.


released May 6, 2014

Tracks 1,2,4,7,8,10 produced by Cryptic One
Tracks 3,5,6,9 produced by Jestoneart

mixed and mastered by PJ Katz at Fat Buckle Audio :

Artwork by Toby Goodshank:

Design by Mitchell Smith at Golly Gee Visuals:



all rights reserved


ATOMS New York, New York


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Track Name: Sands
In the hour glass sands I wrote my name to see it vanish over time
Left the grind when it felt like an assembly line
Despised the notion of just going through the motions
That door was open lacked the focus to close it,  hoping
That I could ignore it
Recorder rigor mortis
ATOMS atrophy
Trapped in a haunted factory with acts of apathy
That's a battle that nearly shattered my back
There's no confusion
Only conclusion was
"That'll be that"   
Meet the self inflicted wing clipper
Restrict the grifters trip to the big dipper
I popped the blister drained the puss now let it heal
The stars still glitter, but the scars still very real
No scars, no stories to tell right?
Cant revel heavens day without a bit of hells night
Wrapped in boxes where memories go to die 
Practically gone and forgotten but very much still alive 

I squeeze my hands as sands slips through my fingers
And blow away like time reminders tend to linger
And at the whims of wind the grains exfoliate my fate
And learn the limits as decay and age will make their case
A thing of beauty
Fade away fade away
The setting sun
Fade away fade away
The sands they drift
Fade away fade away
Bury the past
Fade away fade away

You feel the beauty son, it's like the perfect shining
The dancing passion on the places that we hold so common
It's never broken cracked or crinkled 'cause it holds alignment
The climates polar caps will shrink into a soulful island
The grains of sand sustain a simple subtle soothing silence
That same silence that explains the ripples from above I
Let it bounce allow intelligence to feel the flood and
Get surrounded by the quire that's conducing love
The love expands to single something level up consumption season with a Sprinkle pink'll pass the champagne 
A bubble sunsets inside a Hubble telescope the visioning
Life like sensations but his patience keeps on withering
He's gotta have the dollars in his pockets 'cause the image that he's holding
For his family friends is simply folding over
Upholding this is like the biggest mask the masquerade the play of life the Act the interlude protagonist and stage
And at this stage of life the life he lives just has to be unbalanced by Potential sentiments that's mixed with fear and greed
He's chasing benjis for the wrongest reasons searing trees his eyes are reddened deading in the cells upon of which he breaths
Exhaling all the tension and filling up with laughter
And finding some connection that'll make the void a ladder
In which to climb to find truth anointing after
Finding all the patterns that'll break after the awful chapter


I wrote my name in the sand to see  it vanish in the tide
Before I spoke as a man and reexamined foolish pride
Now I feel like a specter a spectator at a spectacle
I realize at best either I'm dead weight or detestable.
An ancient relic - spell it out in cuneiform
Thanks for the well wish cause it felt like I was newly born
Life death rebirth see the circles getting smaller
Like guess my feet hurt its more work and less a calling
A passion play a past time that past away
A cast away and that's fine I could laugh for days
I see my prime take a lap make another progression
Im redefined once a has been now a mother fucking legend
A museum piece. Entertainment collecting dust
A mausoleum breeched, frame dented with flecks of rust
Packed away in boxes where memories go to die
Though practically gone forgotten I'm still very much alive.
Track Name: Gotta Do
Do what I gotta do
Gotta do what i gotta do
Gotta do what i gotta do
Gotta do what i gotta do

Yo I never been the cat that rapped for them fat stacks
Always been that cat that rapped for them back pats....
That's that reward thats pure
Bloody back gauze
Muddy facts
Scratch cat claws
Cause and effect
Short straw
Stress soars
High as what soldiers in warsaw saw at war
Thats hyperbolic to the core
but must remove the polyps
As they pile up on ya pores
Lets see ... whats that symbolic for?
Whatever sick thing in your core that ya gotta cure
Maybe its symbolic of the truth
That sometimes a dude just gotta do what he gotta do

The language carry relevance when bliss steps shadows dance
Outta box circulars the curvatures don't disenchant
This'll slant heads tilt axis till it tints the chance
Of a thought to unfold distant chants of the soul
It echos loud up in a mold
Reverberate intelligence allows the heart to hello home
Greetings from divine
Angels swinging from my spine leaving tingles on my mind
Purpose driven with a whisper engine pieces of the pine
Chiseled house upon the hill it bellows smoke its just a sign
Exposure of my light it permeates the frozen eye
And sees and senses all the worldliness with spirit on my mind

I refuse to assimilate
I can take a simple 8
Kick it on its side now it applies in my symbol state
With in minutes I'm infinite
The infant to the invalid the spaces in between i live the dream of being limitless
I live amongst the ruined
Digging through the ruins
Exhume the tombs of deities and see their only human
And god is just a construct constructed by the cons but
What If we corrupt it then cut it with other concepts
Repackage rebrand the shit we act as the anarchists
React before the action and hack in to all the happenstance
4chan channel zero heroes got the floor plans
Peace to Blueprint we're not deluded like them store brands

This We do this for us if you like it that's a bonus not for the money or the praise no we only crave the wholeness
Gotta Do what I gotta do
You can say unorthodox ill call it another box to tick and close the lid on and eventually shit on
Gotta Do what I gotta do
Its the glue that connects is the truth is Sort of Wreckless It's all intersected from the cradle to the death bed
Gotta Do what I gotta do
That's why it's called atoms its part of me and part of you it's the reason we exist it's why we do what we gotta do
Gotta Do what I gotta do
Track Name: Transmissions from Talakad (Case File: Alaska)
What started off as fun became a full blown obsession
Became a lesson in humility with skills in recession
I'm guessing there's a learning curve Copernicus turning words
It's more like Vana White life lands a right I'm returning serve
He's Arthur Ashe with an artsy splash
Partially masked bombast of a drama class
Part of me asks if Alaska's a common graft
The comments of a con man but come on man it's complex math
I'm talking good will hunting
A blue collar genius over dreamish production
I feel I have an ear for it really you need to care for it
And feel the way it steers and from there you know if its a tailored fit
I like my lines sharp
Clean and crisp and reminiscent of fine art
With every listen find a hidden rewind part
That's scripted from the start because its written in sky charts
I'm rinsing off the wisdom of the ancients
A twist of modern science some defiant "I ain't playing" shit
Color palette paint kit mixed in my platelets
I bleed in technicolor raps that tap into greatness
I used to get caught up in perception
Like what who might have thought a sort of infection
So I went on a walk about. Sit alone and talk it out
Distance breeds perspective now the records have been all deloused
I've picked out all the lice
I hope that will suffice
Cause it's literally just a literary device
I figure if it's figurative my middle finger figures as
A metaphor extended to the sky it's like my ziggurat
Those ain't half steps baby
It's steeped in a tradition that was risen in the 80s
It's all praises and prayer beads prepared me from the days back
When introduced myself as braniac up on my 1st track

Alaska master of braniac superfly
Who am i? Im the substance that will make your third eye cry
Track Name: Kapoof!
Knowing how the life we living
Swimming through the tightest rhythms

Back stroking kinestetic
Get connected tinted sections
Couldn't see it still it's sought
A separate chiseled thought

Exposure made the simple plan

The world unveils the vivid horse I
Gallop make the murky water fizzle north

Disintegrate them action pieces

Chess'll jump the checker boards
What up strategist
Meet me at the booth convenience
Meditate the mood of genius
In between the womb is seamless

Bliss allegiance grow the soul and let the freedom ringeth
Bringeth forth the light and let the rest go through the Phoenix
Simple granite 3 inches of bliss and passion
Hover above my world enamoured

Holding on to wholesome habits
Where I transfer nature swirls upon the canvas

Slanted colors are enchanted

Spirit gives me chills and flashes
Never lonely where I’m standing

Soul expands with lucid satin
Silky subtle smooth elastic
Spread the love until I vanish

Kapoof vamoose the smile upon your face is like a truce who knew
My love repeated patterns like a loop the proofs
In every single soul I get to view and you
Can choose what ya want
Kapoof vamoose the smile upon your face is like a truce who knew
My love repeated patterns like a loop the proofs
In every single soul I get to view and you

Can gallop with the Wind and hope the fabric sorta undulating
Tunnel gate the vision open iris play the tunnel safely
Feet upon a certain earthly plane and take the current basis
Switch aquatic make a lake of fish unlearn they faces
Composed for the rather plush of souls

Carve my legs out like canoes
Float on back and hear the blues
Close my eyes and see the stars
Feel the clouds up in my shoes and
How you make the best of everything you choose
Clues within the silence
Mute the noisy sirens

Take your breath and hold it

The truth will just expose itself upon releasing
The ceasing of the static
The tuning into stations
Exempt of all the madness
How I transfer nature swirls upon the canvas

Slanted colors are enchanted

Spirit gives me chills and flashes
Never lonely where I'm standing

Soul expands with lucid satin

Silky subtle smooth elastic

Spread the love until I vanish


Choose whatcha want to
Live where ya want to
Love who ya want to
Eat what ya want to
Breath where ya want to
Sleep where ya want to
Have what ya want to
Be what ya want to
Choose whatcha want to
Live where ya want to
Love who ya want to
Eat what ya want to
Breath where ya want to
Sleep where ya want to
Have what ya want to
Be who ya want to
Track Name: Hero to Zero
This aint a game of poker
And nah it aint no court case
His laughters like The Joker or Walter inside the crawlspace
Shattered it
Had to leave his bad broke
Out of place, too safe
Reflectors in his mag spokes
The end is soon you can feel that doom looming
We save the whales… dont give a hoot about the humans
Insult the so called sultan by calling his kettle black
Impulse to revolt!
Pumping molten metal rap
He had some good days… then his head drift to the canopies
Ran out of Kool-Aid so now he's drinking antifreeze
His henchmen, yes men sucking on his man mammaries
His new flag banner reads
"Crappy rap jamboree"
Surely I don't jest
Such a mess, and lacks action
Best bet confess, just ask the black chaplain
One heathen to another… brother stop laughing
When the ship goes down… guess what? so does the captain

Ways that I touch this life is a perfect example of how my girth is an ample portion
The pulse to listen slips in soil cloaked in vision hits the nails and ends the coffin
No statistics x and y could never really do the best to be the buoyant cease the courtship
Float the graphic close the caption no more captive assets
No propellers no expansion just subtractive facets
Rusty waters dripping faucets make you feel you forced it
Euphoric acid floors the fascinated average cabbage
But unbeknownst the sound’ll whither with a fountain dribble
Count on instances where pigeons shit on statues clearance value
The here and now pokes through the presence of a timeless essence
Etched in stone my heart is beating beauty and the dark allegiance
For the listeners ears hissing jeers listless fears of syndicates
And tinted window vignettes of inner threats of vintage scented sentences
That stink of insignificance with stencils that’ll singe your flesh with every breath

Unsure of where you going or where you think you are
Aint no shine up in your star and your world is based in fiction
Dont take it very hard, 'cause you made it pretty far
But you slacking on your job so we no longer listen

Peeped the failed flight of the sky lark
Pot calling night dark?
Fast forward to the fight parts
Divvy up of the pie charts
Debate where the life starts
Blind sided by the end
Chum to them life sharks
Misguided by the trends
So many followers, not much in follow back
Following with no leading… now look at where you wallow at
Bottom feeding
Bleeding dreaming of "what ifs" and "could have beens"
"it is what it is"
and thats exactly what it should have been

Sugar bin so sweet when asphyxiated with all them life addictions
Asphyxiate the date and time it takes to tamper wisdom
The tinted windows of your soul will seek the savage systems
On average systems work but actions makes the passion sail
The body twitches itches instantaneously lifts em (up)
Above the ground it's like the sound of silence splits his visions (what)
Exposure bleeds the light of memories that pass derail
Your train is dripping juices from your tragedy grail

Your minimum effort led straight to maximum fail
Didn't pave the road to hell… but patched that secondary trail
If all you had was a hammer, every problem you'd see a nail
Latest problem is your coffin, so let common sense prevail
Hit it on the head right?
Young buck stuck in headlights
Life hands you lemons? Spike the lemonade and get nice
Lil vice for the viceroy... now looking less than regal
This slice of humble pie should destroy your fragile ego

That taste is not so pleasant pallet upon the cliff with eagles
The claws are grasping but they loosen 'cause the grip is see through
The preview paints the sequel lends itself to scattered dreams who listens to it wastes their energy and adds to crap beneath you
So watching your step is probably the best advice as you're leaking keys to
Open the doors to copious scores of the people that believe you
But they longer don't 'cause your words are sands in the castles they impeach you
The once that was to the all that is when the hero turns to zero
Track Name: Transmissions from Talakad (Case File: Cryptic One)
I never was cryptic by choice but by design
I like to write on the lines that rest inbetween the lines
I always saw the forest for the trees
But never took for granted stolen glances of the branches and the leaves
Stayed rooted in the roots no matter how far i flew the coup
Lifted up the troops by the boots with some super loops
Jack of many friendships but only close to some
Spend most my time alone… hence the ONE in Cryptic One
Found solace in solitude amongst these machines
No i's (eyes) but i clearly see the M and E in team
Between M and E and enemy rests a fine line
I cross it all too often 
In the course of life and rhyme
And time after time
Thats just a cog in my machinery 
No a means to an end.. but finding what that end means to me
A question with no answer... but begs to be asked
Whats a dance floor without a dancer? Well u can do the math
I live in present and own land in the past
And Im moving to the future
Soon as I can raise the cash
Kept my nose to the grindstone in order to sharpen my wit
Not to cut corners but to shorten the trip
Smart as a whip, my garden of jargon is my bargaining chip
Thats just a bit of the crops from the cryp
And I dont just find value in these harvested gifts 
See I find more pure joy when we honor the pits
Dark over glitz, that's the place I most comfortably sit
A mix of apocalypse split with an optimists twist
And I depict conflicts of black and white stitch
Bricks fixed by mom n popppa its that black and white mix
So grey is the shade of my world as it turns
This early bird keeps a tummy full of plump early worms
Since i just took it back with an old proven rap
Lets back track further to an earlier track and just

Zone to the tone of my microphone
Zone to the tone of my microphone
Zone to the tone of my microphone
Zone to the tone of my mic
Track Name: Star Clusters
Christ on a triscuit think it's happening again
The hedonistic habits that inhabit half of him
That hasnt had a glimpse since the wagon took his trip
Since he's gathered all his wits now he's lathered for a sip
No responses from the sponsors no family, broken promise
Promiscuous and pompous his partners wrote off the drama
The man as an island, the man in the wild and
The man as a child dialed up and accepting smile
He's busted he cant be fixed
It's a kick for the self destruction
A maladjusted misfit
Some say sickness some say fuck him
But him he's so about it shrouds him it's his religion
When he's living at his proudest and he's shouting at oblivion
That's him his identity who he' was meant to be
The righteous reverend of ruin consuming a liquid remedy
Collision course with booze is fuel for the vision loss
The blind faith the wisdom flawed a coward till the courage poured
Lives shattered, life tattered selfish pride flattered
Arrogance is bliss over the teeth and through the lips
Hes a shell hes a husk hes in hell he's a lush
He's exactly who we he thought and I was guess it wasn't enough

Star clusters inside of his heart
Shimmer but pools of starch stiffen in tubs of dark linen
A balding mark cracked
Upon the porcelain and inside of his poor skin
An unwelcoming door mat

Awaken through the pages
Sages gaze is like a laser beam
Intensely sensing something simple subtle floor the wager green
Roulette standing statistician sacrilegious
Grab your bridges burning through the chips and booze and buzzing makes a major dream
Knowing faces pacing patient piece of mind'lll take it teeter
See the summer hot and clumpy take a bump from thumb and junky starts to speakin,
Colors flashin fashion passes season
Of the slurry garbled sorry hardly breathing
Partially peeing on himself the second self embarks the teething
Increase the booze and blues'll sooth the loosest screws and freezing
Release the rouge and soon the doom'll choose the newest evening
A beast aloof can't see the truth the dude confused is dreaming
Or walking dead with demon
Zombies dancing in some legions
Calming masking up for thieving
Palming asses for releases seaman
Sass for steaming broccolini cars are crashing venus
Saturn seen it  rings around his fingers and his eyes are sinking
Inside his cranial painting a portrait
Painfully slanging the softest
'cain'll keep major reports of people
Turn corpses in mortuaries
In darkest they walk with worry
No worries they often flurry the coldest winter is nearing..
To an end with the bubble gooses and black scullys
The truest friends will share couple spoons of that smack lovely
The bluest skies will descend the heavens in dark cubbies
Finger painting their faces leaving a stark mugsie


He's in a hurry 
Path is clear and vision blurry
Crooked walking, slurred talking
The wheezing turned to coughing 
Just another morning of the one foot in the coffin
And he finds himself here all too often 
The other foot now planted firmly on the gas
And the bottles and the baggies resting gently on the dash
And the music on blast
Bobbing head off beat
Adding to the track sound with the street tire screech  
As he’s losing his eats
Bits and pieces of his digested dinner meats stuck between his teeth 
"Good grief!"
What's wrong with this clown?
"It tasted far worse coming up than going down!"
And he laughs about that for a bit between spits
Opens his eyes just in time to catch a glimpse   
Of something thats blurry and moving in his path
Stomps on the braking pedal
But......"oops" that was the gas 
Hears the sound of breaking metal
In between his laughs
Doesnt wait for dust to settle
Takes a swig from his flask
"Home at last"
Stumbles out the car falls with a thump uh
Sees something stuck underneath the front bumper
Dislodges the mangled tricycle frame
On the hood of his car sees the blood splatter stains
Just the same ole same he cant change
Falls to his knees and cries to the skies out in shame
Track Name: Mix it Up
One is for the time we put in rhymes to make the listener merry
Two is for the is for the way the words combine to make it visionary
Three is for the thought and for the theory clearly abstract
Four is for the reformation reclamation rap track
Modern mixed with classic
Mix it up mix it up
It's the fodder we've adapted
Mix it up mix it up
Rap as a form I admit is hard to love
Let's find the lowest common denominator and rise above

Im not saying I'm above you
But dogs I hover
So pristine subsisting of Sistine and last suppers
Touched by the divine the rhymes intelligent design
Its Natural Selection I'm expressing with each line
A Darwinist adrift in a superstitious tradition
The novel's been remixed and now it's written within rhythm
These Gatsby cats be acting happy I'll gladly kill a mockingbird
Corrections theres a freedom in infinite jest and mocking words
So listen to jest and not a word don't sass me when I'm talking
I'm the father of your style without me you'd be an orphan
Let that knowledge sit oliver twist
Cause I'll always exist
You fagans can still be vagrants my phrases grace your lips

As the paradigm shifts see the faces of dimensions touched
Lines signify the 7th, 3rd is where we keep the brush
High upon the wind the flight attendant tends to tarnish
Consider the music one of the things thats getting you outta the heart of darkness
4 chambers palpitating can you see your losses
Expands your wins and let your wings maneuver albatrosses
Count the force remainder 3 in increments of 2
My brain examines light, my soul predicts the interlude
Synapse I play the the back while feeling out a stronger vision
Dont facilitates the dance on lines depicting long division
My souls the train the sequel of the book the little engine
Bring it back to 1 so you could ponder plus reveal the inference


The vision that I touch propels and pulses through the solstice
With a little hint of magic actually its more than that
Its more like passion exponential connection without the gavel
No judgement it clashes tenor the sound is luster encapsuled
In a timeless era serenade a mindless heffa
Sip a Hefferveisen orange slices call the night endeavor
Debonair my diagram of venn 'll spin rotisserie and venison
Within in the sin of bambi dancin taking chances
Monopolize the sight upon the healing hearing
Every shimmer spoken sprinkle hope upon your buried lanterns
Dig a hole like doberman with dopamine
Rewards are given do the work and see the fruit of all your dreams

Let's focus on design and take the time to make it functional
The lines dont mean nothing if they're cluttered and uncomfortable
A fact of modern living fodder blotted up with dots of wisdom
God allah or Rakim spitting shit i guess a nod is given
Respect due, put every single influence in a test tube
And find the perfect mix it if it exists it's like a chess move
Plot it out and problem solve the solvent must evolve I've found the science can be makeshift but don't excavate on sacred ground.
Fertile soil stripped of all it's nutrients the words'll toil
Sort of get the gist and quickly shift into the perfect foil
Scripted out a straw man taking form go on and list it out
It's listless mix that simply contradicts what this whole shit's about
Track Name: Transmissions from Talakad (Case File: Windnbreeze)
The cavity the passion exposure the sweet tooth jiggle
With a smile and protrude glow
Swimming in the lucid no scuba suits necessary
Lets refer to natural and breath like a picey up in Glasgow
Scottish in my name flame flowers in my heart
Brain pistil with a stencil that’s expansive with the art
No need to explain just explore
Have the patience of a Rubik's inside of a store full of colors
All camouflage dripping like a pandas paw sippin on a campanille damn it dwells deeper than a secret
imagine what it does to a speaker when I speak It’s just
leaking mosaics some say its like Mozart
I say it’s more like Hendrix as an old fart,
rocking back and forth bandana round his fro
antennas in the sky predicting when it’s gonna snow
when the temperature is 0 and the aperture is open watch rocket take pictures that’s frozen
Panoramic 360 crystalize in one breath
Brought me back to high school librarian
Told me I was gifted
And the application of it will advance my upliftment
When my pops passed away
Grew a furious addiction
To consistently connect to his soul through my writtens
So for me, hip-hop is like dancing with an angel
And for some hip-hop is like dancing with some bitches
It’d be cool if they were dead 'cause you’d be dancing with some spirits
And you’d probably wouldn’t have to use the word to begin with
Creative god legacy entangled in the breath
That’s woven inside this arrangement is the best
So you’re blessed…
see the views
Sprinkle a little love
And watch the hate gets diffused
Every line I utter is like a choice so you choose
To hold on to it like the-back-in-the-day-line I spewed

Nothing really happens when you hold on to the wind
Standing by the clock grooming time picking ticks
Nothing really happens when you hold on to the wind
Standing by the clock grooming time.... time time
Track Name: Origami
She was the youngest child brightest of the bunch
Had 2 older brothers mother died father a drunk
A loathsome man traditional thought women should know their place
Got sober through religion manipulated grace
Extremist by nature he gravitated towards the hatred
Pavlovian to dogma he often quoted his favorites
He cherry picked his scripture a mix to mesh with his worldview
A homophobe a sexist he lectured his little girl too
Different from the boys she knew she had other options
A good student undeterred she dreamt to be a doctor
No support from the community her family steady mocked her
Beatings took a toll and in her soul there grew a darkness
Quickly became a misfit her only friend was the swish kid
Which is what the bullies names him tried to shame him cause he switch hit
Life sucked they lived in bubblefuck at least they had each other
Adopted family by proxy sister brother father mother
Had no idea that Senior year it would all switch
Bullies beat swish kid near to death left him in a ditch
She got into Princeton no money she wasn't rich
So she had to beg her daddy he told her no, called her a bitch
Swish kids body healed his heart and mind were broken
They found him 3 days later suicide through overdosing
Decided that she had to leave and left with no goodbyes or tears
No idea where she's going but gotta be better than here

The sweetest life is filled with balance for the lonely man
The joys the echos of a distant dessert swirling sand
The hour glass is always shifting through the coldest nights
The hue the flicker candle fire place the golden light
It's all subjective what connects us to the all that is
The so called luster leaves us flustered when we fall from grace
And outta place we sometimes feel when trending music vids
Its like we're captivated at the face of falseness placed
Across the conscious mind the closet mind it has no merit 
A single moth destructs the cloth of flesh you wanna wear it?
It's got some holes it's got some kinks its sorta young and tattered
When true potentials torn it often leaves you lost and shattered
A simple hole can give the common cold or influenza
The germ expands you have no chance to even influence the
Kid whose looking for some guidance yelling mister mister
Instead your tone and lack of consciousness transmits the blister
He gets it spreads it to his friends its an enormous virus
Its running rampant in his classes like a forest fire
And for this five or six year old what happens when he's older
We'll see what happens when unconscious is taking over
We'd hope resilience turns to brilliance but the stats against him
At at this rate disease of ignorance is in his system
He thinks the worlds against him chip on shoulder broken clover
We'll see what happens when unconsciousness is taking over

He heads to that Crazy Horse to drown his sorrows in bottles
Dollars gets him coddles from exotic  quote  unquote models
Hopes for better tomorrows will they ever come?
He doesnt hesitate to self medicate til numb… bum
Thinks of better days … and wedding cake crumbs
And remembers everything up until that separation comes
Remembers everything… up until the point that it finished
Thinks back to the very first time that he hit it
I aint talking hitting it… as in stroking it in the bed
Talking introducing his clench fist to the side of her head
First time was hard on him… guilt and a broke finger 
Didnt stop there 'cause his dad aint raise no quitters
Poppa taught him well… but nah poppa aint preach
He led by example… ample times heard mommas screech
Improved upon dads technique
Stuffing a sock in her mouth.. screams muffled in between clenched teeth
She swallowed the grief for the sake of her boys
And years with no release cleansing the blood off their toys
Growing fast, toys switched quick into chics
Growing tempers fester, it begins with playful hits
Laughter prior to disaster meant to be?
Is it rotten apple that doesnt fall too far from the rotting tree
Repeat history, or path mystery when older  
i guess we'll see what happens when unconsciousness is taking over